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auto search will sort the data by the last filled in input. So as you back out it will default to a index bb00xxxx sort.
the date you put in will also have a default today date, you can put in + or – to increment or decrement the date. just like in gnucash.


[ cfdb-table form=”Fm10″ show=”bb,date_time,Cat,subject,location,amount”] ==========================================
[si-contact-form form=’10’] ==================
what If I send it to the email address associated with here.

Info fast secure contact form 2417

Table: hs_cf7dbplugin_st = submit_time (decimal(16,4)

Select: hs_cf7dbplugin_submits =
submit_time decimal(16,4)
form_name varchar(127) NULL
field_name varchar(127) NULL
field_value longtext NULL
field_order int(11) NULL
file longblob NULL
This is interesting because we have multiple values per submit time. this is similar to a post_id value.

Short code options #2373

Summary of Shortcode Options ( POST content shortcodes PLUGIN )
Option Example Description
form [ cfdb-datatable form=”myform”] Required. Designates the form to display. All rows and columns are displayed by default
role [ cfdb-datatable form=”myform” role=”Author”] Make short code only display output for user’s with minimum-required role. Choices are


WARNING: this setting is overridden by plugin setting in WP Admin page Contact -> Database Options -> Can See Submission when using shortcodes (since 2.4.1)

show [ cfdb-datatable form=”myform” show=”col1,col2″] Limits columns to be shown to be those designated (comma-delimited list)
hide [ cfdb-datatable form=”myform” hide=”col1,col2″] Does not show listed columns (comma-delimited list)
header [ cfdb-table form=”myform” header=”false”] Show or do not show the table header. Valid values are true (the default) and false
headers [ cfdb-table form=”myform” headers=”your-name=Name,ex_field1=Email”] Allows you to change the name displayed in the table header. Map a form field names to a more readable display names. (Since 2.5.1)

limit [ cfdb-datatable form=”myform” limit=”10″] One number: limit=”10″ means show first 10 rows. Is the same as limit=”0,10″
Two Numbers: limit=”100,10″ means show 10 rows starting at row #100)
random [ cfdb-table form=”myform” random=”2″] Display 2 random rows from those that the short code finds. (Since 2.4)
orderby [ cfdb-datatable form=”myform” orderby=”last-name,first-name”] Sort rows by designated columns. Use “column-name desc” to sort in descending (reverse) order
search [ cfdb-datatable form=”myform” search=”Simpson”] Select rows to display that have any cell with the search text in it (case insensitive). Intended to mimic behavior of the “Search” field in the

filter [ cfdb-datatable form=”myform” filter=”col1=Simpson”] Select which rows to display based on filter expression. More powerful than “search”, it can filter on multiple columns with boolean and regular expressions. If both “search” and “filter” are specified, “search” is ignored.
Options specific to this shortcode
edit [ cfdb-datatable form=”myform” edit=”true”] [ cfdb-datatable form=”myform” edit=”cells”] Enables editing mode to edit the cells and column names in the table (true) or just cells (cells). Only works if Editor plugin extension is installed. Editing will not work unless the user is logged in and his role allows for editing (see Options page, Can Edit/Delete Submission data setting. (since Version 2.6)Warning: table column headers can also be edited, but will not work properly if you are using “headers” in this short code to rename them.
dt_options [ cfdb-datatable form=”myform” dt_options=”bJQueryUI:true, sScrollX:’100%’, bScrollCollapse:true”] Allows you to specify DataTable Javascript configuration features
id [ cfdb-datatable form=”myform” id=”myid”] Sets the id attribute on the table tag.
Same as for [cfdb-table] class [ cfdb-datatable form=”myform” class=”myclass”] Sets the class attribute on the table tag.
Same as for [cfdb-table]

* GENERALLY NOT USED because DataTables add its styles.
style [ cfdb-datatable form=”myform” id=”myid” style=”#myid th > td { font-size: x-small; background-color: #E8E8E8; }”] Injects input CSS into a style tag.
Same as for [ cfdb-table]

* GENERALLY NOT USED because DataTables add its styles.