color rotator

to rotate the colors in a table without js.

echo "<_table>";
$bg1 = "#ffffff"; // background White
$bg2 = "#f2f0f0"; // background L-Gray

while($row = mysql_fetch_array($result))
echo "<_tr> bgcolor='$bg1'>

" . $row['id'];
echo "<_ /td><_td>" . $row['Number'];
echo "<_ /td>";
$bg3 = $bg1; // \
$bg1 = $bg2; // Color rotator
$bg2 = $bg3; // /
echo "<_ /tr> <_ /table>" ;

used on /4080/4080-lt-002.php 5/29/2014

jqClock md file

try to display some of the constant values to verify correct inputs.

/[/includeme file="CDS/JS/jqClock/index.php";]

should include example here.

/[/includeme src=”CDS/JS/jqClock/index.php” frameborder=”2″ width=”500″ height=”400″]

(plugin is includeme \[ includeme file=”CDS/JS/jqClock/index.php”;] )

Add Distribution to weberp

I am adding the trasportation menu to weberp
this is supposed to be and account or log of what I did. 45
well see if this works.

7, 14, 356, +++++

www_Users.php // added line 17 + distribution

crud and mysql code = SIMPLE CRUD AND MYSQL

<-?php include("crudClass.php"); $con = $crud->db_con('localhost','root','mysql','crud');// Connect Database

$crud = new crudClass('kitchen','instrument,code,type');// Initiate the class with table information

$create_sql = $crud->create();//Fetch INSERT query
$update_sql = $crud->update($_POST['id']);//Fetch UPDATE query
$delete_sql = $crud->delete($_POST['id']);//Fetch DELETE query

echo $crud->create_form();//Prepare data entry form
echo '

echo $crud->renderVertically();//READ and SHOW data

echo '

echo $crud->renderEditor($_POST['id']);//Prepare data edit form

popup form code

This seems to work on a lot of the popup’s

x form id=”id2345″ action=”CDS/test.php” method=”post”
x target=”DoSubmit” onsubmit=”DoSubmit =‘about:blank’,’DoSubmit’,’width=800,height=450′)”>
x input id=”u1″ name=”post_id” value=”2484″ type=”hidden”>
x input value=”RED” type=”submit” title=” This is form 330″>