WordPress, Joomla and Drupal are NOT the Best CMS

Constant Updates You see, as a new person who is using WordPress for the first time seeing an update notice, you assume it’s a good thing to do it for security reasons. The problem with this is that more often than not, a simple plugin update has the potential to bring your site down hard and leave you scrambling to find a developer to help you figure out what just happened. To be fair, this isn’t a WordPress specific issue (although it is very common with WP) but rather an issue with a significant nu

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#1799 Does Iframe refresh

[bluebox] [mpaper title=“With Iframe”] This post is to verify if an iframe embedd with auto refresh, or do I contuinue to look to ajax.
post # 1799
[ — iframe http://address.com 400px 20px ] —-
[/mpaper] —————————————————————————————–

[code_snippet id=”1″] ————————————-
put the meta here

# be sure to add some meta data to the page with custom fields. so it will show.
* add a puugin to add code snippets here or at least shortcodes

#1441 GHOST

autorefresh = 10
Popup button 1441 opens /CDS/ac.php this post to /CDS/cb.php which goes to /CDS/bc.php LOOPS BACK TO /CDS/cb.php

form 1469 field 1 is —————————
include popup



The MEAN Stack | OpenShift by Red Hat

The MEAN Stack

MEAN stack logo mashup (unofficial)

Looking for a new spin on the popular open-source classic, the LAMP stack?

MongoDB ExpressJS AngularJS NodeJS

The MEAN Stack is a potent new concoction of javascript-flavored open source tooling, services, and frameworks.

These ingredients all blend together quite nicely to provide a full-stack development experience that makes modern single-page application design a breeze.

If you are interested in keeping up to date with powerful new technologies like asyncronous javascript, NoSQL, JSON, and AngularJS’s declarative client-side application design – then you’ll definitely want to give the MEAN stack a try.

Grab a free OpenShift Online account, and follow these simple steps to get up and running with your own cloud-hosted MEAN stack application:

via The MEAN Stack | OpenShift by Red Hat.


Day 175

[popup url=”http://www.s241811445.onlinehome.us/HotShot/WF/wf-4094-001.php” height=”300″ width=”600″]4080-series [/popup] (include the posted meta_data here )
[showhide] [ includeme file=”WF/wf-4091-001.php”] [ includeme file=”WF/wf-4092-001.php”] [popup url=”http://www.s241811445.onlinehome.us/HotShot/WF/wf-4094-001.php” height=”300″ width=”600″] 4080-series [/popup] [/showhide]

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