popup form code

This seems to work on a lot of the popup’s

x form id=”id2345″ action=”CDS/test.php” method=”post”
x target=”DoSubmit” onsubmit=”DoSubmit = window.open(‘about:blank’,’DoSubmit’,’width=800,height=450′)”>
x input id=”u1″ name=”post_id” value=”2484″ type=”hidden”>
x input value=”RED” type=”submit” title=” This is form 330″>

28 more cf10 2449

auto search will sort the data by the last filled in input. So as you back out it will default to a index bb00xxxx sort.
the date you put in will also have a default today date, you can put in + or – to increment or decrement the date. just like in gnucash.


[ cfdb-table form=”Fm10″ show=”bb,date_time,Cat,subject,location,amount”] ==========================================
[si-contact-form form=’10’] ==================
what If I send it to the email address associated with here.