responsive layouts

mobile layout 320×480 or the other way 480 x 320 maybe more for higher resoulution phones

mobile portrait ——-(320×480)
mobile landscape ——(480×320)
Small Tablet portrait (600×800)
Small Tablet landscape (800×600)
tablet portrait (768×1024)



Database Data

Your Database Data
Typ Value
Database db295107664
User dbo295107664
Password use a general password

scan QR code
scan QR code       default

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I am now trying to process a test,of the tags per catagory. I just want to display a list of tags to choose from.

[vfb id=2]block quote insert stuff, add short codes.

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(( when we change the $weAreHere to the local page number,))

Third line specifies the target for the from notice it is a popup.
<-?php $weAreHere = "1469"; form action=\" method=\"post\" target=\"DoSubmit\" onsubmit=\"DoSubmit ='about:blank','DoSubmit','width=450,height=350');\">

input type=\"hidden\" name=\"page_num\" id=\"field\" value=\" $weAreHere\">
input type=\"submit\" name=\"submit\" value=\" $weAreHere\">