alexa 2

trouble shooting connection problems
router table from befor hooking it up.

Client Name IP Address MAC Address
DCS-932L F0:7D:68:04:99:09
Chromecast D0:E7:82:D9:A2:23
android…549c E0:2A:82:08:69:BA
android…e966 30:85:A9:4E:54:25
Chromecast 6C:AD:F8:2F:96:67
dp-502500KF A0:02:DC:67:BD:B2 Alexa
kindle…25d0 10:AE:60:27:D5:3C
android…58213 78:4B:87:55:E0:8E
android…a3add 10:A5:D0:E4:FE:44
android…198f 08:08:C2:16:3E:25
BRW…E2C 70:18:8B:DE:BE:2C printer
B12 8C:DC:D4:22:E6:DA
pc-611200EX 44:65:OD:86:1A:C7 Alexa-Dot

you can email doc to the following Kindles
Charles’s 3rd Fire Purple = Arla
Charles’s Kindle Origional black
Charles’s 2nd Android Phone
Charles’s Android Tablet Samsung 7″ tablet