includeme plugin

Include Me syntax

In any post or page you can use Include Me with the shortcode:

Warning: include(/homepages/3/d241811431/htdocs/bench/filename): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /homepages/3/d241811431/htdocs/bench/wp-content/plugins/include-me/plugin.php on line 25

Warning: include(): Failed opening '/homepages/3/d241811431/htdocs/bench/filename' for inclusion (include_path='.:/usr/lib/php7.2') in /homepages/3/d241811431/htdocs/bench/wp-content/plugins/include-me/plugin.php on line 25

where the “file” attribute contains the filename to be included. Any textual file can be included and if it is a PHP file (with “.php” extension) it will be executed and its output included.

The filename can be relative (not starting with “/”) so it will be searched starting from the blog root folder (for technicians, ABSPATH will be added at the beginning). If the filename is absolute (starting with “/”) it will be used as is (so you can include files even external of the site root folder).
Generating an iframe

A second syntax is available and generate an iframe instead to include the file. The iframe syntax is:

where “url” is a common web address. Any other attribute added to the short tag will be used as an iframe attribute. For example if you write:

[[ncludeme src=”” frameborder=”0″ width=”500″ height=”400″]]

the result will be